Lit from Within: Pure Ice Suedes - Purple and Gold

Thursday, November 29, 2012

Pure Ice Suedes - Purple and Gold

Pure Ice Touch Me Softly...

....and then forget to take a picture.  It was probably too intimate or something.  It's a red-purple suede.  You can see it in the background of my dotticure..

I used Color Club Harp on it, a holographic polish, but over the suede, it took on more of a suede finish!  I also dotted with other Pure Ice Suedes, including Blue Midnight and Stunning.

Next suede is Pure Ice Over The Top.  I don't usually buy gold polishes.  I only bought this one because I was curious about the gold suede, and it was less than $2.  It isn't a color I find terribly flattering on me.

I do like it as undies for this Perception Nail Lacquer Fall Breeze, however.  It lightens up the brown and gives it a glow.  Really makes that scattered holo come to life!

 Too bad Perception closed up shop.  She made nice scattered holos.

Right hand:

Have you fallen for an Indie that's closed up shop?


  1. I like these suedes. First time hearing about this Indie Brand. Love it with the gold.

    1. I was pleasantly surprised to see that these $2 polishes work as well as the fancy ones!

  2. Two great mani's, I love the dotticure!


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