Lit from Within: Blue and Brown glittery goodness

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Blue and Brown glittery goodness

Here comes another royal blue jelly - OPI Dating a Royal.  I got this in a blog sale; I didn't know it was a jelly.  It's pretty awesome, though!  It catches the light and looks brighter in the pix than it actually is

The first glitter I used was Hedgie Hedgepack from Perception Nail Lacquer.  Unfortunately, it seems that Perception has closed its doors and isn't making polish anymore.  I'm pretty disappointed about that - I really liked her stuff!  Maybe you can find this polish floating around in a blog sale or something.  

I think the name had something to do with a Mommy Mani group, but I didn't belong to it.  I just liked the combo of ice blue and brown squares.  I'm not huge into square glitters, but I liked this one for some reason.  Maybe because of the simplicity of the two colors and one shape.

You get a bonus glitter today!  This is Hit Polish Sand and Sea.  Even though it has bar glitters (booo) I still like it because it doesn't have many of them.  Now, I remember putting this over Dating a Royal, and I can't find any pix of undies that would contradict that.. but it just doesn't look right.  I'm thinking this might be OPI Ski Teal We Drop. 

I love brown and blue together, though.  If you do, too, then you might like these glitters!

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