Lit from Within: Cult Nails - Behind Closed Doors Collection

Monday, November 12, 2012

Cult Nails - Behind Closed Doors Collection

It's no secret that I'm a Cultie - a groupie fan of Cult Nails!  This new collection from Maria has totally wowed me, though.  I think some of my new fave polishes are in this collection...

First up, Disciplined.

Hard name, soft color.  This is 3 coats, so it's pretty sheer, but look at that blue and pink shimmer.  I think next time, I will layer it over another grey, though.  I didn't get the 'jelly' feel of added depth from the extra layer, so putting it over an opaque creme would probably work just as well.

Afterglow is a perfect color for me.  I love duochromes that mix tones of orange and pink.  This one is predominately copper, and has tons of shimmer. 

I decided to do a little filigree with Kiko 402, a bright pink holo that is very opaque.  I love how it both compliments the pink shimmer and makes the background even more coppery.

 It's hard to pick a fave from this collection, but I think it might be Flushed.

Blue background with a purple shimmer, all in one color.  And the shimmer isn't shy, either.  It's gorgeous.  It reminded me of Fantasy Fire, so I thought I'd see how it compared.  Revlon Royal seems to be the preferred undies for FF, so I put a coat of that on my thumb.

 Here's one coat of Fantasy Fire over the Revlon Royal:

And how it compares to Flushed.  Definitely not dupes - the FF is more of a red shimmer, and the shimmer particles are bigger.

This may be sacrilegious, but I actually prefer Flushed!  I love how the purple shimmer seems to glow from within the polish, and how you get the impression of blue from the edges of the nail.

Next, I tried Bitten, a raspberry polish with glass flecks.  Doesn't it look like you could just dive in and go swimming?

I did a simple stripe with a striping brush and Revlon Silver Screen.  Scratches, maybe?  Fangs? 

 Last, but not least, is Coveted, a deep forest green with green shimmer and green flakies. 

I would have liked more flakies!  I didn't get hardly any on the first coat, but I got some on the second.  I think they're so beautiful, I wanted more.

I love green and gold together, so I used Maybelline Bold Gold and a dotting tool to make a gradient of dots down the center of the nail.

All of these polishes have a little something 'extra' that I love, whether it be that shimmer, duochrome, or flakie accent.  One thing I did notice about this collection is that the polishes were a little thinner than usual.  I did have to take care during application to avoid polish pooling in my cuticles.  Bitten actually got away from me and flooded a whole nail's cuticle!  Disciplined was the only polish that needed three coats for opacity, though, so the thinness really wasn't an issue for that.

The Behind Closed Doors collection is preview priced until November 15th!  That means you get all 5 polishes for $40 - like getting one free.  Check out the sale and her other polishes at Cult Nails.  Will you be joining the Cult?


  1. Those are friggin' awesome!! I love the look of shimmers and then when I wear them I'm not so sure. Where might one find this awesome brand?

    1. Cult Nails is only available online -

  2. Great swatches! I can't wait to receive this:)

    1. thanks! You won't be disappointed. I think this is the best collex so far.

  3. I love these colors! I can't wait to get mine!

    1. I just ordered Flushed, Coveted, & Disciplined at first. I got them this weekend. I went back to order Bitten & Afterglow today and Afterglow is already sold out. WAH! I can't believe it went so fast! If you ever see one on a blog sale, please let me know. I need it! But I can't wait to try out the ones I have. I'm thinking Coveted for tomorrow...


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