Lit from Within: Mod 70s Baby

Sunday, October 12, 2014

Mod 70s Baby

Hello, Fireflies!

Yep, today's challenge is yet another reminder of how old I am, a thought incongruous to the inner 12-yr old boy who lives in my brain and laughs at poop jokes.

Cici & Sisi 08

For a mani from the decade I was born in, I decided to look to the 70's mod look.  I used Cici & Sisi 08 and did a black and white pattern with Cult Nails Nevermore and Sally Hansen White Tip (now mixed with Revlon Spirit because I was running out of the SH but loved the brush better than the Revlon.) 

Sometimes, Nevermore stamps like a dream, and sometimes it thins out and bubbles like this time.  I filled in a few of the patches with a black striper.  I wonder if it's due to age or evaporation because it never used to do that.

I paired it with a black and white striped dress and my funky-chunky black onyx necklace.  Black and White, head to toe... except for my red lipstick.

 Bottle shot: Sally Hansen White Tip and Cult Nails Nevermore.

Bottle shot: Sally Hansen White Tip and Cult Nails Nevermore.

What age is the person that lives in your head?


  1. I sincerely wish I were better at stamping

  2. Love this stamping design, so edgy!!

  3. Very cool! I love the pattern and this color combo!

  4. I really need to break out my stamps again- I'm sure I've lost all my skills!

  5. This would totally be something the matches one of my halloween tuts


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