Lit from Within: Sparkly Subtle Stripes

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Sparkly Subtle Stripes

Hello, Fireflies!

One thing I love about Fall is all the rich jewel-toned goodies that come out this time of year.  I love all the wine and berry lippies, the emerald, rose-gold, and mulberry eye shadows, and the wine and burgundy nail polishes.

Take a gander at this lovely wine crelly polish, Ulta Pauper Etiquette.  It's a divine wine!

Ulta Pauper Etiquette

I thought it would be cool to put Cuttin' Edge Miss Peregrine over it, hoping for more of that duochrome orange-pink to show, but it really just played up the shimmer.  Reminds me of the new OPI, Thank Glogg It's Friday.

Cuttin' Edge Miss Peregrine

This spiky stripey stamp is from the Cici & Sisi 10 plate.

Cici & Sisi 10 plate

I thought it might be fun to go over the pinks with a sparkly version in the same color family.  This is a Color Club that came in one of those bundles from Ross, so of course it has no name.  It's a pretty raspberry metallic color.
unknown Color Club metallic raspberry color used for stamping

I liked the effect, but it's pretty subtle.  If you're not in close to see it, the stamp just changes how the polish catches the light.

I like how the Color Club enhances the shimmer from Miss Peregrine.  I like how the stripes aren't super clear, but you can tell there's *something* going on there!

I love a more defined stripe, too, but there's something nice about a subtle nail art that just manipulates the way you see the polish, too. 

Do you have a fave striped mani?  I'd love for you to share it on my FB page!


  1. There subtle but I like them! I really need to get started on this challenge asap.

  2. This is so pretty. I love the subtlety of the stripes.

  3. I may have to see if I can find the Ulta Pauper shade, I just love it. Was it from this year?

  4. That's a beautiful Fall design! I wish I had some of your creativity :)

  5. Love the colors, they are giving me fall vibes.

  6. I kind of dig subtle nail designs like this. They remind me of delicate, fine fabrics.

  7. The all over burgundy is very pretty

  8. so my question many stamping plates do you own? you have all kinds of designs!!!!

  9. I love how you layered it and man... I need to shop through your plates. I just pulled out mine because I'm so inspired... I have 5 I think. lol

  10. SO SO pretty! I love the subtle stripes!

  11. I really like this. It's subtle and it's perfectly on-trend with that jewelled purple shade.

  12. I love subtle stamping like this. Very nice for having a little something extra, but still SFW. :)


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