Lit from Within: Getting Wild with makeup and nails with the Wet 'n Wild Fall LE Collection

Thursday, October 9, 2014

Getting Wild with makeup and nails with the Wet 'n Wild Fall LE Collection

Hello, Fireflies!

When the new LE Fall Wet 'n Wild collection came out, and people started posting comparisons to the UD Naked 3 palette, I knew I wanted to try them.  Don't get me wrong, I have the original Naked palette, and it's a great palette.  But I wanted to see if these rose-toned neutrals were worth another $50, or if I'd be okay with the two $4 Wet 'n Wild palettes.

I actually really like these palettes! Wet 'n Wild definitely has both hits and misses with their eye shadows, but I think these are a hit.  Here's a closer look at the eye look I did with the Wet 'n Wild Melrose at Night palette.
Wet 'n Wild Melrose at Night
I am always up for a dark berry lip, and I love the new matte Bordeaux Boulevard.  I am also a sucker for the rubbery black packaging on these LE lippies, too, but the formula was fantastic. 

Wet 'n Wild Bordeaux Boulevard

Um...I know I used a foundation, but it didn't seem to make it into the picture.  I've been using powder foundation this summer, for the most part, so it's either Ageless Derma Pressed Mineral Foundation, or the It Cosmetics one.  Also, I used mascara.  Was I drunk when I put this together?  Where's the mascara?

I'm hard pressed to use anything other than my Cover FX stable of primers, though.  I haven't found a foundation they won't work with, and I love that they are skincare as well as makeup.  The blemish primer is proving especially useful these days, and because the eye primer is also a treatment, I put it over my lid and under my eye, as well.

I finally gave away that Physician's Formula brow definer.  The design just bummed me out.  I hated having to replace the cap whenever I wanted to switch to the brush.  I'm much happier with my Too Faced Bulletproof Brows.

The blush, Maybelline Mineral Power in Fresh Plum, is one I've had for a while, and thought it complimented the eyeshadows well. 

I have tried the UD setting spray, this mist from Pur, and the ELF setting spray.  I like them all, but the Urban Decay sprayer beats them all, hands down.  The Pur spraying mechanism just douses me, which wastes product and is annoying because I can't put my glasses back on until my face is dry.  So, for now, I'm back to using the UD spray full-time, and I'll refill the bottle with something else when its done.

I also did a nail look to go with the outfit I'm wearing.  I started with Echo Dark from this same LE collection.  It's a dark navy jelly matte.  What? yeah.

Wet 'n Wild Echo Dark, navy matte jelly

I did random brushstrokes with Revlon Spirit and another color from this LE collection, Careful, it's Vine-tage. a matte grape.
Careful, it's Vine-tage. a matte grape.
To better match the pattern on the shirt, I used Mentality Eeny and Pueen 13 plate to stamp this floral pattern.

And, here's the final result!

The whole look, sorta:

Have you picked up anything from this collection?  What do you think?


  1. The makeup is pretty and the nails are nice!

  2. Your nails remind me of fireworks, that's awesome. You look lovely!!!!!!!!

  3. I love the dark lip on you and the mani (because it looks like fireworks!)

  4. I love the Sunset & Melrose palette I picked up on sale for $2 and the matte lippie I bought in a slightly different shade from yours. I think they were a stunning bargain. Love the look you created and the mani goes so well with it!

  5. What a pretty look and lip color. I love how the nails turned out.

  6. I like the lip color and the nail design.

  7. First of all - I'm in love with your nails :D Secondly, girl... that lip color is hotness on you. #werk

  8. Nice! I love Wet n Wild. They are such a good value!

  9. I love that ipstick color on you!

  10. Weirdly enough I haven't had a great experience with WnW lipsticks. Ive only tried one, perhaps it was a bad one!

  11. I also just caved and bought a few Cover Fx items, they are great. Love your smokey eye :)

  12. That lipstick looks really nice on you!

  13. Very pretty! I still need to try Cover Fx

  14. I have been looking evvvvvverywhere for the navy polish (have the berry and purple) and the lippies. I love this collection. The eyeshadows are awesome, better than N3 in my opinion! I have that palette and need to just sell it already. lol I adore the finished product both fotd and nails. What a gorgeous mani!


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