Lit from Within: Orange Windows.. or beetle wings?

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Orange Windows.. or beetle wings?

Hello, Fireflies!

I have been having computer problems alllll day long, and I haven't been able to get a post up! So, here at literally the 11th hour, is a little bit of pseudo-Halloween nail art for you!

I got the idea from a NOTD post over at, only she used a pastel color, and I went more Halloween with a bright orange, played by Urban Decay Bang.

I took advantage of the sale where they had a bunch of polishes for $5 - and I almost didn't get Bang, but I needed just a few more dollars to get free shipping.  Boy, am I glad I got it, because you'll see it in almost all of my Halloween nail art this year! It's a great bright pumpkin orange.

After painting all my nails with Milani Black Swift, I painted a V-gap with the Orly Point Blanche.  It's designed for French tips, so the brush is a little smaller, which is good for nail art!  I painted Bang over the white, and then capped the tips off with more of the Black Swift.

Bottle shot:  Milani Black Swift, Orly Point Blanche, and Urban Decay Bang.  Love the skulls on the top of Urban Decay bottles! So appropriate for Halloween manis.

Bottle shot:  Milani Black Swift, Orly Point Blanche, and Urban Decay Bang.

I have a whole bunch of Halloween-y nail arts coming up for you in the following days leading up to the big day!  Are you a fan of Halloween?


  1. What is a V-gap? I'm learning all this nail lingo from you guys! Very cute Halloweenish mani. Reminds me of a scarab but a little different

  2. What a cool design!! Almost looks like 2 demon eyes!

  3. Love the effect, kinda scary, possessed eyes :-)

  4. This looks fantastic, I love the design!!! It reminds me of a ladybug (if it had a red and dots lol)

  5. Very cool design. It reminded me of beetle wings :P

  6. I feel like it is a freudian ink blot. I see martini glass! :D

  7. This is so cool ! I can't wait to see more of your designs

  8. This so totally cute! Beetle wings! How original and I love the color combo.

  9. Love this! It actually made me think of the Skywarn logo (my inner meteorologist coming out!).


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