Lit from Within: Breaking Dawn Hurts

Saturday, October 11, 2014

Breaking Dawn Hurts

Hello, Fireflies!

Yesterday's post came out kind of late, so just a quick Saturday glob of glitter for you today.  This is Polish Addict Breaking Dawn, a black jelly polish with gold hexes and a few bars.

Polish Addict Breaking Dawn, a black jelly polish with gold hexes and a few bars

Gorgeous, right? Oh, what a pain to apply, though.  Goopy, thick.  I did have to add thinner.  Who knows if it was like that all along, or if sitting around my drawers caused some evaporation.  I'm going to work with it because it's just so pretty.

I paired it with a black dress that had gold beading on the bodice.  It complemented my outfit so beautifully!

Have you ever tried to save a wretched polish because it was so pretty?  


  1. Great color that is! I have something similar to it from another brand too.

  2. I love it with your dress! What a fun combination.

  3. I love black and gold together!

  4. Love the large gold hex in black - such a gorgeous combination!

  5. The combination with the dress is perfect! Maybe some thinner and layering over a black base will help with the application :)?

  6. I hate when a pretty polish has a bad formula! With chunky glitters like this, I will sometimes apply the glitter with a different brush than the polish brush so I have more control over how much glitter is getting applied. Regardless, glad to see that you enjoyed this sparkly goodness in this despite formula woes!

  7. Yay for matching your polish with your dress!

  8. I hate when a polish is difficult to apply! Beautiful color though.


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