Lit from Within: Soft Shimmery Stamped Stripes

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Soft Shimmery Stamped Stripes

Hello, Fireflies!

Continuing with the striped theme for this month's challenge, I pulled this mani from the archives.

I don't really think of my nails or photography changing that much, but it's funny to pull a picture from the vault and see the little changes.  Of course, nails break and grow, so it shouldn't surprise me.  I also like looking through my Facebook profile pictures to see my hair change, too.

Maybe it's just a quirk of mine.

Anyhoo, this here is a nice mushroomy-taupe from Nikka K.  It came in one of those subscription boxes, so I'm not sure if it has a name, or if it's NY 112.

nice mushroomy-taupe from Nikka K

Are these just some boring stripes on my Mash-43 plate? no way!

Mash-43 plate

They're now diagonal, like whoa!  Mind. Blown.

This lovely holo I used to stamp is A-England Fonteyn.

I think this would be a great subtle or work-appropriate nail art.  Can't hardly go wrong with taupe, right?

Bottle shot:  Nikka K NY 112 and A-England Fonteyn.

Bottle shot:  Nikka K NY 112 and A-England Fonteyn

I love the holo stripes - who knew it would stamp so well?  Is this a new way for you to wear a holo?


  1. The holo stripes are pretty! I have to give that a try.

  2. I LOVE the holo stripes! They're gorgeous! I've tried stamping with holo polishes before, but I must not be using an opaque enough one.

  3. I like the holo stripes. They make me think of Saturn's rings. :D

  4. I love the holo stripes... I need to try that because I would not think to pair that nude with holo :)

  5. I love the effect! I admire how you change your nail art/polish every single day while my poor nails here are protesting coz I don't give them enough TLC, ugh!

  6. I like those polishes together! They really compliment each other... especially with the stripes.

  7. I have that Nikka K shade from an ipsy bag, and I like it a lot. I like the stamped stripes with a bit of bling with it!

  8. Simply perfect and so artistic!

  9. I'm all for some sparkle on my nails, great look!

  10. The holo is my fave. I want to just dip my entire hand in a holo polish.

  11. The stripes are awesome! I almost bought a stamping kit last weekend but I bought a dotter tool instead!

  12. I love the combo.. taupe and holo... can't ever go wrong!


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