Lit from Within: Stamping de Mayo

Sunday, May 4, 2014

Stamping de Mayo

Hello, Fireflies!

Today's Sunday Stamping challenge is 'Cinco de Mayo.'  Everyone thinks this is the equivalent of the Mexican Independence Day, but it's really just an excuse to drink a lot and wear sombreros. 

To that end, I picked a base polish that looked like a margarita and a party - Cosmiss 3, a lime green glitter bomb I bought from Born Pretty.

Cosmiss 3, a lime green glitter bomb

I picked this stamp from DRK-B because I thought it looked like confetti, and who doesn't like confetti at a party?  Only the person cleaning it up afterwards, that's who.

Maybe I should have picked a more contrasting color, but I liked the way Maybelline Bold Gold didn't overshadow the glitter too much. 

Maybelline Bold Gold

A little subdued, maybe, for a party nail, but believe you me - if I'm drinking margaritas, I'll be making such a fool of myself, no one is going to be looking at my nails. 

Bottle shot:  Cosmiss 3, and Maybelline Bold Gold.

Bottle shot:  Cosmiss 3, and Maybelline Bold Gold.

Are you celebrating with Mexican food and drink tonight? I'm hoping to score some margaritas!


  1. Nice stamping image you choose to use. Definitely reminds me of confetti too.

  2. OOO Fun mani! Love the polish and the stamp compliments it perfectly

  3. I love that base color! The glitters are a great combo!

  4. I just can't take my eyes off of that base color, what a stunner!

  5. I love how these two polishes look together! Great mani!

  6. Lovely mani! I love that the stamping effect almost blends in with the base polish!

  7. I love the stamping! I would love to see it on a basic nail shade too so the design pops out more.

  8. love how subtle the stamp is on top of that base color


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