Lit from Within: Girly Purple Sparkly and Studs #NailArtForNubs

Monday, May 12, 2014

Girly Purple Sparkly and Studs #NailArtForNubs

Did you see I had another post today?  If you'd like to see my review of April's Birchbox, click HERE.

Hello (again!) Fireflies!

Girly Bits Go And Shake A Tower.

Wow, huh? Feast your eyes on the holo multichrome blurple goodness that is Girly Bits Go And Shake A Tower.  I don't know what the reference is, but it always makes me think of Tina Turner's Shake a Tail Feather.

So, I'll go shake a tail feather! Because this polish is gorgeous, and I'm taking it dancing.

Girly Bits Go And Shake A Tower.

Normally, if I'm doing a tape mani, I'll paint the base color, tape off the top, and then paint the tips.  But, after wearing the holo alone, I wanted to add a creme to the top.  Because I can't do anything the easy way, it seems.  I did pick an easy blurple creme, though.  The gorgeous China Glaze Queen B.

China Glaze Queen B

In addition to using clear tape, I've discovered Washi (scrapbooking) tape and a rubbery tape from Scotch that both work really well - even better than clear tape - for doing tape manis.  The Washi tape was in the $1 section at Target (on clearance for a quarter!) and the rubbery tape was also on clearance there for about $1.  I got it in purple (hubby's fave color) so I could give it to him in case it didn't work for me.  Multitasker!

Aren't these metallic blue diamond studs the coolest?  I've lost track of where I bought them, but I think they're from +Winstonia Store.

Bottle shot:  Girly Bits Go And Shake A Tower, and China Glaze Queen B.

Bottle shot:  Girly Bits Go And Shake A Tower, and China Glaze Queen B.

I'm digging how the polish cuts the nail diagonally, and the stud cuts it vertically, but neither with a straight line.  Kinda gives the illusion of length, doesn't it?

And the shiny is a distraction!  Oooh, shiny....


  1. How cute! Love the jewel.

  2. Nice pairing together! The stud was a great touch too.

  3. Beautiful!! I love the studs. I have not worn any yet, but I am admiring them on others!

  4. Awesome combination! I haven't tried Queen B yet from China Glaze, but it's on my list to wear eventually!


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