Lit from Within: Want to Try a New Look? Find One On Glam St!

Saturday, May 3, 2014

Want to Try a New Look? Find One On Glam St!

Hello, Fireflies!

I love makeup.  More than I thought I would when I started blogging about nail polish.  I'm a relative newbie when it comes to finding products that work for me.

So, I do what a lot of you probably do - I read blogs, talk to my girlfriends, and check out reviews.

Did you ever wish you could try the makeup on without risk? With Glam St, you can.  Glam St. is a virtual makeup tool!

There are a few models pre-loaded into Glam St, or you can choose a look done by one of your favorite Beauty Bloggers, or you can upload a pix of yourself with which to try on makeup!

Apparently, as long as it has a face, eyes, and mouth, anyone can get in on the fun!

While cute, I needed a pix other than a kitty, so I created a profile.  At first, I uploaded a picture I had already, but I had makeup on in it, and the system didn't like it.  So, I took a bare-faced one. It was easy enough to upload and create a profile.

The really clever part about this is that you can outline the parts of your face - the outside, around your eyes, and your mouth, so that the makeup applied goes in the right places.

With the tools provided, you can try on some of the most trendy and expensive makeup - virtually.  You can either create a full face of makeup, or just try on particular products. 

Of course, you can buy them right there, if you find one that you like!  If you click on "+INFO" under the product description, you can get a list of similar products if you like one you've tried, but maybe need a little tweaking.

There are some really cool features, like the eyeliner tool, which allow you to choose different styles of eyeliner application, to suit your style. The eyeshadow tool also allows for some customization.

There are a few things I think need work, though.  Every time I went to try on a different look, I had to log in again to get my own profile picture.  I found this to be very frustrating!

Also, some of the makeup just didn't look 'real'.  For example, mascara application was pretty unrealistic.  And, every powder I tried looked ridiculous.  This is a highlighting, finishing powder. Who applies it this thickly? I look like a pink Geisha.

Glam St. can approximate a lot of colors and finishes, but you have to use your imagination and judgement to see if you would really apply the product they way the program has.  Also, make sure you take a pix in true-to-life lighting, or it's all pretty moot.

I do like that you can ask Glam St. to compare before and after shots.  Some of the changes, like concealers, can be subtle.  Not this one, though - this is a full-face of makeup I played around with.  You can also save your looks, share them with others, and even try on a look that someone else created!

What do you think about trying on makeup virtually?  Would you try Glam St?

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  1. I love that you were willing to show yourself without makeup since I try to avoid it!! Love this post!!

  2. Apps like these are fun to play with, but it's still nice to visit the store.

  3. This looks fun! I love this kinf of virtual makeover programs - especially the ones where you can try on different hairstyles.

  4. looks like a lot of fun. :) good idea but i think i would just get addicted to virtually trying everything


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