Lit from Within: A Night at the Theatre

Friday, May 30, 2014

A Night at the Theatre

Hello, Fireflies!

It's Friday! What are you doing this weekend?  A little while ago, a friend dropped some community theatre tickets in my lap, so we got dolled up and went out!

I was wearing this gorgeous shimmery brown polish from Koco called Insta-Glam.

Koco Insta-Glam, a gorgeous shimmery brown polish

And, because when you go to the theatre, you should be dripping in jewels, I wore my real (simulated) crushed opal nail polish from Profound Glassworks!  It's so subtle, though.  I really wish the opals had more oomph.

(simulated) crushed opal nail polish from Profound Glassworks

I was actually leaving the house, so painting *both* hands was in order.

I wore some other jewels, too.  I don't normally wear these bib-style necklaces, but I love this.  Found it on clearance at Target.  

Bib-style costume blue necklace from Target

I have been experimenting more with my makeup, and figured - what better time to go for a dramatic eye than when I'm going to the theatre?  If anyone understands bold makeup, it's them!  I used my ELF brow kit (still learning!) and L'Oreal Color Riche Eyeshadow palette in 211 Blue Haute Couture, and Rimmel Scandal Eyes Mascara.

what better time to go for a dramatic eye than when I'm going to the theatre?

My primer and foundation were my new go-to products from Cover FX - the matte primer and the BB Gel. I think I used my Hourglass Mood Finishing powder that night, too.

The playhouse was right on the Intercoastal waterway, by the bridge.  I love where I live.

My Cover FX primer and BB Gel held up admirably in the Florida heat. Hubby could have maybe used some powder for his shiny head, though!

Usually, I wear a bold lip when I want to feel glam, but this time, I went for bold eyes.  What is your go-to for feeling instantly glam?


  1. Looking gorgeous! I like your bib-style necklace!

  2. Look at your all done up gorgeous standing by your beautiful scenery! I'm moving!

  3. What a fun night, you look fabulous!!!

  4. wow! You looked fab! Loving the necklace!

  5. Love your necklace and coordinating mani!

  6. Good times! Love the polish and the necklace.

  7. Your whole look was great! That necklace is just so so pretty!

  8. How cute :) Your mani matches your necklace perfectly!

  9. You look smashing. :) Love the mani, it went perfectly with your glam necklace.

  10. What a great post. <3 Had a little of everything!

  11. You look so nice! My favorite is the necklace.

  12. Instant glam? I do red lips! Love your necklace!!

  13. How lovely! You do live in a beautiful area. :)

  14. I love that necklace. Very much my style.

  15. I bought that same polish recently :)


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