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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

All kinds of beauty - eyes, lips, nails

When I started this blog, I wasn't sure exactly what my focus would be, but I fell in love with nail art, and almost all my posts have been on that bent.

I have a mani today, but I also have a makeup review for you, too!  I was provided with some Milani products, and I want to share them with you.  I used to be a makeup counter snob, and bought exclusively from the department store fancy counters.  I've since bought a clue and found that there are all kinds of great finds in the drugstore makeup aisles.

My friend Fresa is showing you the products I used first:  Milani Shadow Eyez in Aquatic Style and Royal Purple, Baked Eyeshadow in Green Fortune, and Haute Flash lipgloss in In A Flash.

I decided to do a bolder look for me - 2 different eyeliners, green shadow.  But my way is a little more subdued.  You could certainly apply the eyeshadow wet for more saturated color.  This was a daytime look to go shopping, so I was going for fun, not bold.

I love the Shadow Eyez.  They are so easy to use, creamy, smooth, and they stayed on all day for me.  I did another look in Champange Toast and Brown Deluxe, where I wore the champagne color all over and the rich brown as a liner and in the crease.  The picture was lit weird, and I looked green - sorry, still learning - but I loved the look.

You can wear these as liners or all-over eye color, so they are perfect for travel, when you don't want to risk breaking a shadow palette.

You can see the green a little better in this pix.  I did apply color from all over the palette, but then tried to focus some of the blue in the corners. I had a little trouble getting the color I wanted from the crazy mix of colors, but I still liked it.  It's just not a look I would do every day.

I wasn't sure I was going to like the Haute Flash gloss - but I loved this color.  I originally tried the hot pink version, Flashy, but it looked too much like cotton candy.  I also tried the Golden Flash and Crystal lip gloss in Fascinante, both golden glosses.  I have a natural pink tint to my lips, and neither gloss looked good on me.  Like VNL on my nails, I get VLL on my lips with some colors, usually golden ones, and I don't like it.

This is the In A Flash, no liner.  Pretty, and long-lasting, with a light, pleasant fragrance.  I'll definitely wear this again.  Can you see the shimmer?

I paired my look with Del Sol Foxy, a color changing polish, that went from pink to purple.  I used a Claire mood polish on the tips and accent nail.


You can see the color changing here.  The pinky is still pink.  The ring finger and tips are Claire's mood polish - which didn't change at all  - not in the sun, not in hot or cold water, nothing.  Very disappointing.

Full-on purple in the sun:

Some wild colors and color-changers for me.  It was a lot of fun to use makeup to go outside my comfort zone and try something new. 

I hope you'll try something new today!

These products (aside from the Claire's polish and my own mascara, which I purchased) were provided for me for review.  Nonetheless, the opinions stated are my own and are as unbiased as possible.


  1. I am so used to wearing just lip gloss but I love this lip color on you!

    your nail art looks good too.

    1. I have loved lip stuff for a loooooong time - I go through phases of gloss versus stick, but I'm actually wearing a lot of both right now. I am a little vain about my lips, though, so I appreciate the compliment! :)

  2. I'm not into make up really, but I love the gecko and the polish LOL

    1. There was a reason I put the gecko first! lol, I love it, too - she and a frog (maybe my next makeup review, he'll show up) decorate my bathroom. :)


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