Lit from Within: Finishes

Tuesday, May 1, 2012


What a wondrous invention this Internet is.  I can go shopping for nail polish and not even leave the house.  

I wanted to play with some different finishes.  This mani is a mixture of matte and metal, both by LA Girl.  The base coat is Matte Alpine Green, though it totally reads teal to me.  I know that matte finishes are all the rage now, but I'm still on the fence.  I love the color on the tip, called Deep Sea Mica.  That's more my speed. 

Next up is a study in blue.  The base color here is Shower Together from China Glaze.  I think it's a jelly.  It may be my first jelly.  It's very sheer and streaky on the first coat, but then it's squishy looking and gorgeous on the second coat, but still not completely opaque.   I thought it was the same color as an indie polish I just bought called Seuss.  Uh, yeah, not so much.  Not only that, the textures didn't go together, either.  I had a really hard time getting any glitter to show up, and even after hours, the polish wasn't dry.  It peeled right off.  At least I didn't have to deal with the nightmare that is removing glitter polish.

I think the glitters are so pretty, but the thought of removing them from all my nails makes me cringe, so I end up just using them as accents or tips.  If science can develop flushable disintegrating wipes, why can't they make removable glitter? Let's get on that, science.


  1. The pic with the matte base was FAB!! I love that combo and you did it perfectly!

  2. I have the secret for removing glitter polish. Unroll a cotton ball and divide into smallish pieces a little larger than your nail. Remove cap from remover and fill with remover. Dip just the tip into the remover. It will soak up into the rest of the cotton piece. Place on nail and press into sides. Let it sit for about 5 minutes. I only do one hand at a time but it sticks to the nail pretty well. Usually the polish comes right off. For thicker coats, I may have to reapply, but it's much easier than trying to chisel it off or doing that weird foil business...

    1. I have to try that! Another blogger recommended the acetone jar from Target that has plastic bristles in the jar - that's pretty good at getting off the glitter, though the acetone is sooo drying. Thanks for the tip!


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