Lit from Within: Tonal Stripes

Friday, May 25, 2012

Tonal Stripes

I am totally digging on these new mushroom-y type colors, the greige, the taupes, etc.  I liked the idea of pairing them with colors in the same family that would enhance the muted color.

I started with Wet n Wild Wet Concrete, a taupe tinged with purple.  I love the new Manicurve brush.  It really does get most of my nail with one swipe,.  My pinky is pretty small, so I just turn the brush sideways and it gets the job done with minimal to no cleanup. This is 2 coats, no topcoat:

Next, I tried a variation on 1-step painting.  I put some Wet n Wild Through the Grapevine and Milani Hipster Plum on my palette, and dipped each side of a wide brush in one color.  You can see here that the Grapevine polish is on the left, and the Plum is on the right side of the brush.

Then, with as few strokes as possible, I started at the cuticle, and painted down the nail.  This gave me two distinct colors with a little bit of blending in the middle.

I love this look - it reads a little 70s to me.  I originally thought I'd do multiple stripes, but I loved the off-set look so much, I stopped. (what, me edit?  really?)

Right hand:

The Wet n Wild and Milani polishes were provided to me for review.  Nonetheless, the opinions presented are my own, and as unbiased as possible.

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