Lit from Within: Nude-y Ruby Shoes

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Nude-y Ruby Shoes

I don't have much occasion to need conservative nail polish, but I still love to rock a nude polish now and again.  There's something classy about a nude polish with a touch of shine.  So I decided to mix classy and snazzy in one mani.

This is two coats of Milani Natural Touch.  It's a nude that leans towards pink, which works well with my skin tone.  Even my hubby, who doesn't like nudes on me, liked this one.  The formula was good, if a little thick.  It will likely need thinner next time I wear it.  This is two coats, no topcoat.

Then I applied tape to all my nails, and painted them, one or two at a time, with Miss Professional Nail Sation in Gumdrop Glitter Red.  It is a gorgeous red glitter in a red base that was opaque in one thick coat. 

One thing I found really interesting about this polish was how easy it went on.  I couldn't even feel the polish brush - it just glided on.  And, even with glitter, it made a nice, neat line with the tape.  Sation has recently undergone a rebranding - new bottles, new brush, new everything.  Even if you've tried Sation in the past, it's worth a gander at the new Sation.

Even though the line was straight, I decided to add more contrast by painting on a black line with a Nail Art striper.  Look at that sparkle.  All done, with a topcoat of Seche Vite.

Right hand:

Not quite as conservative now... but still really pretty, and I think it's still classy.

The Milani and Sation polishes were provided to me for review.  Nonetheless, the opinions presented are my own, and as unbiased as possible.


  1. This is really pretty! I am terrible at nail art, so I stick to cremes and shimmer polishes.

    1. It's funny how this one spoke to so many people on my FaceBook, too! I never would have guessed. This is really easy to do - no straight lines necessary, though if you do the black, it helps to have it line up. I hope you try it. :)


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