Lit from Within: Groovy, baby!

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Groovy, baby!

This was an experiment with colors and tools.  Yesterday, I discovered Revlon's Windfall, and really liked it, so decided to use it as a base for today's mani.  I then played around with some Kleancolor metallic shades.

First, I dotted on some Metallic Orange.  This flower is made with the traditional dots in a circle, and then I added an extra dot and pulled it into the flower, giving the petals a splattered look.

Then,  made a smaller flower inside with Kleancolor Metallic Teal.

 I used Metallic Black to dot the center, and a regular white polish to add highlights.

 Of course, then I tried a matte top coat, but didn't care much for it.  I ended up putting a flakie topcoat (Essie's Shine of the Times) over all of it, but forgot to take a pix.  It was pretty much a hot, glittery mess at that point, anyway.

I really do need to learn to edit! More is always.. well, more, but sometimes less is prettier.

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