Lit from Within: Ruffians and scoundrels

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Ruffians and scoundrels

I love finding cool polishes at Big Lots!  The Revlon packs are good for a polish lottery - never know what goodies you're going to get!  This is a matte polish that I loved at first sight - Ruby Ribbon.  

I wanted to pair it with something in the same color family, but a completely different texture, so I chose Prize by Nubar.  Nubar makes some great polishes - 5-free & vegan, great colors, and application that is usually a little on the thin side, but builds quickly and easily to opacity.  I picked up most of mine on Ebay.

Look at that amazing glow - like a scattered holo effect.  Even in the bottle, it's gorgeous.

Right hand:

I should have stopped there, but I decided to add a line of silver, but because I used a dotting tool rather than a striper, I ended up applying more glitter to even out the line.  After so many coats, it just looked thick, and wouldn't dry.  It ended up peeling off... which actually wasn't such a bad thing, because I *really* wasn't looking forward to removing that much glitter!

It's like Christmas lights on my nails!

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