Lit from Within: Blueberry swirl

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Blueberry swirl

Still playing with the Color Club polishes!  These are, I believe, Nomadic in Nude, and Shabby Drab (lilac, though it does look blue here.)

I was inspired by this swirled mani, and wanted to do my version of it... it was a total fail.  Messy and gloopy, and too thick.  I tried different swirling patterns - I think the easiest one was going from one side of the nail to the other, rather than going in circles.  Another trick I did not master was balancing the amount of polish between the two colors. 

Base coat of Nomad in Nude.  Again, I love the nudes, but maybe they don't love me so much.

Swirled, dented, etc...

I kinda sorta like how the ring finger turned out.  But it didn't save the mani - it was scrapped after I took the pix!

Would love to see a successful attempt - maybe I chose the wrong polish, or balance of polishes.

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