Lit from Within: Sea Spray Waves

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Sea Spray Waves

Have I said how much I love blue polish?  I'm discovering the pastel blues this spring.  Not all pastels are chalky, streaky messes.  Meet Sea Spray, from China Glaze.  2 coats.

Take a color, any color, make it a dusty, greyed-out version of itself, and I like it.  I think the nail polish companies have found my weakness.

I knew I'd be stamping.  I used the plant-like stamp from Mash-17 and three different colors to make this pattern.  First, I used NYX Girls in 103, a royal blue.  This was good for stamping - I got a clear stamp every time.  Next, I used Zoya Robyn, a bright blue.  I didn't put it right on top of the other stamp - I experimented with different placements.  Finally, I wanted to use a chrome polish because I didn't like it on its own, and I read they were good for stamping.  This is China Glaze Metallic Muse.  It was more opaque than I thought it would be.  I liked it a lot for stamping.  Next time, I might use it first, to create a metallic shadow behind the other colors.

Really liking the subtle metallic shimmer and abstract look from multiple stamps of the same pattern.

Right hand:

I see mostly full-nail stamps on the nail blogs, but I think the small stamps also deserve some love.  And, for people like me with small nails, you can create some interesting patterns.

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