Lit from Within: Another take on cherry blossoms

Monday, May 28, 2012

Another take on cherry blossoms

This was inspired by another lost Pinterest nail that featured orange and taupe/grey flowers on branches.  I went with a peachy mani and did the flowers on 2 accent nails.  The nails are a combination of a Jazz polish and Revlon Peachy Keen, which is also the base for the accent nail. The orangey flowers are China Glaze Brownstone mixed with a tangerine color, and the taupe flowers are Zoya Petra mixed with an opalescent Jazz polish.

I used a striping brush, and a dotting tool to make this pattern.

Right hand:

It totally matched the shirt I wore that night for our Girls' Night Out.  Yep, that's the Atlantic ocean behind me.  Sometimes, it's nice living in Central Florida.

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