Lit from Within: Purple Haze

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Purple Haze

This year, I can't get enough of the soft, shimmery nail colors.  This is Purple Haze from Ulta.  It's not a duochrome, but there is a shimmery quality that evokes pink in this polish.

I've been practicing my stamping.  I wanted to try this stamp, which is a full-nail stamp, just on the tips.  I had a few problems, but I think with practice, it could look really cool.  This is Sinful Colors Black on Black.

 I wanted to add a splash of glitter, so I dabbed on a few coats of NYX 169 Super Funk.  It' a pretty magenta hex glitter, but you have to go fishing for almost every piece.  I liked how it looked with this, though.

Right hand:

And then, because I couldn't leave it alone, I tried a matte topcoat.  It didn't change it that dramatically.  Maybe if there were more glitter..

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