Lit from Within: Strawberries, two ways

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Strawberries, two ways

This mani makes me think of a strawberry sundae with chocolate sauce and sprinkles.  I started with 2 coats of Milani Pink Slippers, a beautiful light pink with a slight shimmer.  Then, I added vertical stripes in Milani Morning Coffee, a medium brown, and Milani Chocolate Sprinkles, a dark espresso brown with copper microglitter.  Chcolate Sprinkles is a CVS exclusive color.  After seeing a swatch of it, I made a special trip to my local CVS to get it!

I added a border in Milani Chocolate Sprinkles all around the nail, except for the tip.  I think that the vertical lines make my nails look longer.

Right hand:


And a bonus strawberry mani!  Jackpot!

This is two coats of Milani Fuschia Fierce.  Must be a cousin of Sascha Fierce. It is bright, in-your-face, take-no-prisoners, almost neon color.

Look at that shine.  It almost looked shellacked.

I thought it would pair nicely with LA Girls Fruity in Strawberry Delight.

I swatched 2 coats on a nail wheel so you could see it's color.  It's great for layering - I think it would take too many layers to be opaque.  On the thumb, it's over 2 coats of the Milani Fuchsia Fierce.

It smells strongly of artificial strawberry!  My dog Banjo was crazy for it.  He kept trying to lick my fingers, searching for the food, but he didn't like the taste of the polish.  It was so confusing for my poor pooch for something to smell sooo good, but taste sooo awful!


Looks like it *could* be tasty, though, right?

The Milani and LA Girl polishes were provided to me for review (Although I already owned a bottle of Milani Chocolate Sprinkles that I had purchased beforehand.)  Nonetheless, the opinions presented are my own, and as unbiased as possible.

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