Lit from Within: Nudes and dot-eroos

Monday, May 14, 2012

Nudes and dot-eroos

I have picked up so many great polishes at Ross - how did I not know about it before?  I was so excited to try my first Color Club polishes - a set of the Back to Boho collection.  I can see why people love this brand.  I do!  My only beef is that the names of the polishes are only on the box it comes in, not on the bottles themselves.. and not even in the order that the polishes are in the box.  I had to go look for swatches online to see if I could match the colors.  So, I may get the names wrong.

I think that this is Earthy Angel.  I don't usually wear nudes, but I've been liking them lately.  Hubby likes the flashier colors on me, go figure.  This is so simple and classic... but I couldn't leave it alone, could I.  After all, I have a whole set of Color Club to play with.

So, I got out my trusty dotting tool and made some different color dots in, what I believe to be, Rad Nomad (purple) and New Bohemian (mint green)

Right hand:

I wasn't loving it.  It reminded me too much of some of the animal print manis... or weird eyeballs.

So, I tried applying Essie's Matte About You for a different effect.  I love mattifying some manis, but it didn't really change too much on this one.

It's okay.. I'm not sure exactly what's not working with it, though - it is the nude background?  The color combo?  The dotting pattern?  I'll try dots again and again, though.  They're fun and easy.

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