Lit from Within: Skittle-mania

Saturday, May 12, 2012


 I have two different skittle manis to show you today. I never thought I would like the skittle-type mani, but it's actually cute.

This was borne out of my impatience to smell all the polishes in my new Dippin Dots polish set.  Dippin Dots.  Are you serious?  Who'da thunk.  They actually smelled nice once they were dry, and even again a little when I removed the polish, much to my surprise.  And, they were cute colors with a nice formula that applied well - another surprise.  These were all applied over white.

There are 6 polishes in the set, so two had to share my thumb.  The light pink color is Raspberry Sherbet, the dark redder pink is Watermelon Ice.  Watermelon Ice had the strongest scent of all the polishes, and I love watermelon.  On my index, the green is Mint Chocolate.  The middle finger blue is sugary-sweet Cotton Candy.  The ring finger yellow, which actually may be a neon, is Banana Split, which smelled yummy, and wasn't streaky, either.  My husband and I are true aficionados of artificial banana flavoring, and this smelled perfect.  On my pinkie is Peach - and probably the best orange polish I've tried to date.  It's what I hoped all the other summer oranges and tangerines would do - look good with my skintone.

I also picked up a set of Neon Night Life minis from Kleancolor.  I'm not sure how a dark blue or purple can be a neon, but I loved, loved them.  These were over a white base as well.  On my thumb, the orange color is called Mango, and the yellow is Funky Yellow.  Both of these applied so nicely.  They both (and the green) took 2 coats to reach opacity - the others only one coat.  I did the split in my nail freehand - you can see how nice the formula is - no dripping or dragging.

On my index finger, the aptly named Red is the only red neon I've ever used.  I have probably 40-50 different shades of red in my collection, and none like this.  I wish the camera could capture it.  It is candy-red.  My middle finger is painted with Neon Purple, but it didn't photograph color-true.  It's actually a royal purple, which I've never seen as a neon before.  Awesome.  Another surprise was Neon Sapphire, a dark, rich, in-your-face blue.  Not sure if it qualifies as neon, but it is bold.  The Neon Green on my pinky took 3 coats, and is a nice color, but nothing different from any other neon green I've seen.

These will all be perfect summer colors.. and I may even wear them again as a skittle-mani.

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