Lit from Within: Penguins for Toni - #NailArtForNubs

Monday, January 6, 2014

Penguins for Toni - #NailArtForNubs

(Two posts today! I have a post up already sharing my experience with CLEAN Perfume, click here if you'd like to check it out.)

Hello, Fireflies!

I have a special guest's nails for my Nail Art For Nubs post today.  My friend, Toni, loves to have nail art for school. She either brings me pix of nail art she likes, or she tells me what she wants, and I go looking for pictures or tutorials on how to do it! 

This time, she wanted snow and penguins, so I found this video by HelloKitty12822 that had the *cutest* penguins, and Toni wanted those. 

snow and penguins

I absolutely adore them!  I used Revlon Sequin for the silver nails, and Cult Nails Tempest for the snow.  I used Tempest and also Cult Nails Nevermore for the Penguin's body, along with various nail art stripers. 

I think these are perfectly suited for nubbins because it gives the penguin a really cute shape! What with the raging snow storm over much of the USA this week, it's still a totally appropriate chilly-willy nail art to do, too!  Are you rockin' chilly nail art this season?


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